City of Toronto Municipal Spending - Toronto Sunshine List 2015

These pages are provided to publish spending trends within the City of Toronto, and to provide some insight into those numbers. We have taken some time to crunch the TTC, City of Toronto Employees, and The Toronto Public Library numbers. The raw data is published by the Ontario government, and is a collection of those employees that make $100,000 or more, dubbed by others as "The Toronto Sunshine List". Hopefully this type of light analysis raisees important questions. You like questions, don't you? Never stop making smart questions.

Source data are taken from Ontario Ministry of Finance.

  • "City" specific data does not contain Library, Police and TTC data
  • While all efforts have been taken to compile this data, please excuse any omissions or errors. The contact page was taken down due to spam.

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Source Data

The complete Sunshine List for the TTC, Toronto Public Libraries, and general City Workers, are in the PDFs listed here: CLICK ME.

Summary Findings


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